Talks I've Given

Despite some traumatic experiences in the past, sometimes I go to conferences and give talks. I keep track of such things here.

If you've attended one of my talks and are looking for resources, they're listed below.

Conference Date Title Resources
Developer Week: Austin Nov 2017 The Robots are Coming for your Cushy Programmer Job See Below
Atlanta Code Camp Sept 2017 Look Ma, No Servers! GitHub
Raleigh Code Camp Oct 2015 F#: What To Do With It Tomorrow at your Day Job GitHub
20 Years of Wandering in the Wilderness
Borland Dev Conference 1995 Winsock Programming with Delphi 2.0 I have the CD. Somewhere.
Borland Dev Conference 1994 Source Control in Delphi 1.0 I have the CD. Somewhere.

Resources for The Robots are Coming...

  1. Hacker Boxes
  2. AI Programmer
  3. Deep Coder
  4. Google AI Software Writing Better AI Software
  5. Sam Harris's talk on AI
  6. Cory House's stuff on being an Outlier Developer